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Ga District is a former district that was located in Greater Accra Region, Ghana.[1] Originally created as an ordinary district assembly in 1988. However in 2004, it was split out into two new districts: Ga East District (which it was elevated to municipal district assembly status on 2008; capital: Abokobi) and Ga West District (which it was also elevated to municipal district assembly status in 2008; capital: Amasaman). The municipality was located in the western part of Greater Accra Region and had Amasaman as its capital town.

The Ga District is divided in different sub-areas. The Ga people are the original citizens of the Ga District. Today Ga is a melting pot of different cultural and ethnic groups from all over the world.

Important historical GaDangmemeiEdit

Great GaDangme historical personalities who contributed significantly to the development of the GaDangme people, traditions, and culture, and Ghana (formerly, the Gold Coast) include:


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