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Temple of Barran (Arabic: معبد بران‎) is a Sabaean temple near Ma'rib, Yemen; also known as "Throne of Bilqis", it was dedicated to the god al-Maqah.

Temple of Barran
عرش بلقيس
Bar'an temple 1986-3.jpg
The temple before excavation
LocationMa'rib Governorate, Yemen
Coordinates15 degrees 24′12″N 45 degrees 20′35″E / 15.403227 degrees N 45.343112 degrees E / 15.403227; 45.343112Coordinates: 15 degrees 24′12″N 45 degrees 20′35″E / 15.403227 degrees N 45.343112 degrees E / 15.403227; 45.343112
PeriodsAncient Yemen
Satellite ofAlmaqah
Site notes
Excavation dates1951-2, 1988
ArchaeologistsWendell Phillips


The temple is located to the west of Awwam temple, also dedicated to the god Almaqah.[1] The main features of the structure are the six columns and the sacred well in the middle of the courtyard.[2] Previously only five columns were known to exist, until 1988 excavations, when remains of another pillar were discovered.[3] The temple is considered to be the largest pre-Islamic temple in Yemen.[3]

It was partly excavated by Wendell Phillips' expedition of 1951–1952.[4][5] In addition to its religious functions the complex may have also served as a documentation center, as the inscriptions describing the events surrounding the Sabaean state were found on the walls.[3]


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